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Seeking ease and clarity in your life transition?

Feeling overwhelmed or disconnected in the whirlwind transitions often cause? 

Either way, Clarity Coaching for calm and purpose will bring you the desires you are seeking from your transition!  

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My New Writing Newsletter!

Come see what I've been writing about! You might laugh--you might cry...But either way you I bet you will resonate with these stories!

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Looking to release some overwhelm?!
Click below for my free guide! Easy peasy!

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Does the idea of taking a day or a weekend, EVEN DURING A TRANSITION,

to rest seem totally impossible???

I thought so too!

Click below to listen to my podcast interview on how I made it happen!

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Achieving Calm, Clarity and Well-Being During ANY Transition is Possible!

Transitions happen on the inside and the outside. They happen when planned changes occur and when unplanned changes occur.

They bring on uncertainty, but they also bring on opportunities.

Transitions happen from moving, life stage changes, shifts in relationships, new desires, new perspectives, changing truths.

However your transition occurs, discomfort is bound to happen.

I can help you work through it more comfortably.

Coping during COVID

Feeling claustrophobic in your house after the unending cycles of social isolation?! In this video I share some ideas on creating your own space to feel more open again!

In the first few months of COVID, instead of blogging I did a few face book live videos discussing strategies for dealing with stress around COVID and around the racial unrest in the US. Here's one video about finding strategies to have your own space at home during social distancing. For other helpful video's please check out my FB page. Click below to go there!

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Client and Group Testimonials

"Where do I begin? Clara is an incredible listener and asked tough and courageous questions to support Moms like myself. She helped me improve my relationship with my husband, helped me find clarity in my thoughts and goals, and learn about the importance of having a positive mindset. Because of her coaching, I have learned to take better risks personally and professional, change my mindset, and love me for me!"

Leah N.

"Clara was extremely encouraging and influential in my journey of figuring out, at the age of forty, my new career path. I went back and forth for years but her advice came at the right time in my life to clarify this path for me. As someone who tends toward negative thoughts, Clara, helped steer me towards positive, new ways of seeing myself and my abilities. She deserves a lot credit for helping me make my destiny a reality."

Amy Holt,

"Spending time with Clara is an instant stress reliever. She spoke to my Unstoppable Community about the Power of Transformational Rest and we could have hung out there for hours nourishing ourselves on the vibe. Plus, we learned tons about how to differentiate between physical and mental rest and the counter-culture idea of Transformational Rest. Clara’s work will change how you approach your work and your life."

Laurie Swanson,

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Schedule a Free Consultation

Let's sit down together- in person with a favorite beverage, or over the phone or through zoom. Ready, set...let's do this! I can't wait to meet you!

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