Coping during COVID-19

Feeling claustrophobic in your house during social isolation?! In this video I share some ideas on creating your own space to feel more open again!

Over the last few months instead of blogging I did a few face book live videos discussing strategies for dealing with stress around COVID and around the racial unrest in the US. Here's one video about finding strategies to have your own space at home during social distancing. For other helpful video's please check out my FB page. Click below to go there!


Life Coaching for the Woman Inside-- Who is YOU!

Feeling tired even before your day begins?

Confused about which should come first in your long to-do list?

Overwhelmed by how to navigate your competing roles and responsibilities while also unsure on how to prioritize yourself?

What if you could wake up each morning with more energy, clarity and confidence,

using your intuition to:

~ confidently organize the day,

~ easily ask for what you need and,

~ visualize what the day should be and feel like before it’s already begun?

We tend to have feelings that the “good stuff” in life will come once I have “x, y, z”. BUT truly it comes once YOU ARE! Once you become aware that the person you’ve been waiting for- the person you are meant to be in this life is YOU…Well then everything else falls into place!

And that is where I can help!  

Wherever you are in your life, if you are reading this and thinking: “something just doesn’t feel right, I know there is more,” please listen to that voice!

It’s telling you, that you need to get back to your happy place- that place where you find joy and ease. And I can help you find your way. I can help you get there. Still you, but more FULLY and enthusiastically YOU! Now that’s what I call transformation!!


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