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  • Clara Mei

26,492 steps!! ...Whaaat???

Yup- that's how many steps I did when we were walking through the streets of Lucca, Italy last week! Unfortunately about the last hour of walking (not sure how many steps that accounted for) was because we couldn't find where we parked our car! Argh! So that means we had probably done about 20,000 something steps already...And yeah, it was hot, not as hot as it has been this summer but hot, and we were tired, tired...But, you know what? We were able to keep walking. And my kids, 9 and 11, were also able to keep walking. I think at some point we were in a bit of a daze and definitely so distraught to see we had just gone in a circle! That was heartbreaking! But as exhausted as we were, when we finally got to the car we felt like we had just won this great victory! And we did! We didn't give up and we kept going!

In retrospect it made me realize that man, there are so many times that I don't think I (or the kids for that matter!) can do something, but when there's a will there's a way! There really is! Our legs, our mind, our heart are often so much more enduring than we give them credit for. I think it has to do with what modern society tries to sells us on--that less work has more worth. But--really?? Mmmm...maybe if we didn't set out the day trying to do less or trying to do what is easier- we would actually get more done...Yes, we don't want to go to the other extreme and then just be "busy", because as we know days or lifestyles like that don't really nourish our spirits. But I think there is something to be said about questioning our thoughts that might be preventing us from doing something that is important to us. Thoughts such as: "oh that's just too much..."; or "I'm not capable of that...", might actually just be plain false! Why not give it a go?!

  1. If these thoughts resonate with you and there's something you'd like to give a go at, but are struggling with imposing restrictive thoughts, or lack of a plan, e-mail me and we can definitely figure out how to make sure you reach that target you are trying to reach! Your heart, mind and body are ready for it!

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