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  • Clara Mei

Coulda, shoulda, woulda....

Oh how these three words can really prevent us from being thankful for what we were able to do from day to day-week to week. But also, these words keep us from expressing and being our true selves. It seems so often that everyone and everything's else agendas are more important than what our selves are calling out to put in this world--and with our family. From a young age we are just "supposed ta"...But really, who is the best person to define that for us? Yeah, when we're really young and we just don't know- and our parents hopefully guide us in the right way. But then as we get older and ourselves become more alive and more able to grow---it's so important to figure out what is possible, what gives us energy, what helps us do what we can--NOT according to the "coulda, shoulda, woulda's" but according to what can bring us aligned to what our core value/s are...That's where there is more peace, more time, more energy,! If these words are resonating with you, e-mail me and we can figure out a plan to get back!

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