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  • Clara Mei

DO sweat the small stuff! ...Yup, that's what I'm saying!

Okay, so let me clarify this! I still agree that when it comes to getting upset over the "small stuff" or getting your mojo all out of whack because of something "small" is not necessarily where we want to be. BUT--what I mean here is that when it comes to behavior change strategies, the small stuff is where it's at! So grab your towel and sweat it up!

We get so hung up on doing these MAJOR changes; BIG ideas; SUPER projects that just get us so overwhelmed that we wind up not doing anything! Well at first we might do it--maybe a few days even a few weeks, but after that, the usual aversions to the behavior change sneaks in and we're back to where we were before the big idea came into our heads.

So what's a well-meaning, well-intentioned, very smart person to do?? Change your focus from the big things to the LITTLE things that add up to become even MORE productive than the big idea you had in the first place! Speaking from what I've researched and personal experience--oh my goodness, my brain and body are SO in for this strategy!

It's the MICRO-change; MICRO-idea; MICRO-project that will SURELY get you on your way to your BIG goal! Let's sit down together and figure out how you can actually look forward to your MICRO-success! E-mail me at and let's get started! Behavior change stuff can be really fun--trust me! :)

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