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Eeek! What will happen if I don't....

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Who else here feels stressed at least some part of their day?? Raising hand right here! And what do you do when you feel stressed? I know what I do--I often try and ignore the feeling. And also sometimes I just try and avoid the thing that's making me feel anxious or stressed--sound familiar??

So what are some things that make you feel anxious or stressed? For me right now, it's my to-do list- my feelings of responsibility for like a million things! Every time I think about it- I just want to NOT do it-any of it! Some people, I know just go around the house cleaning and tidying to avoid the thing that's making them anxious or stressed. Me? I'm the total opposite- I get to like a crawl and just procrastinate and don't get said responsibility on my to-do list done. Man, sometimes I wish I was one of those people that cleaned house when they were anxious--because then my house would be clean SO much more often!

For me, the complication currently, is that I'm also trying to incorporate more "fun" into my life. And I think what's blocking that "fun" from coming into my life is my feeling of doom about responsibilities! What about you what are you trying to bring more into your life that is being blocked by something else?? Are you trying to have more peace, but you have such a busy schedule that you can't find time for what makes you feel more peaceful? Or are you trying to feel more organized, or more in-shape, or more time for connecting with close friends and family? What do you need to schedule that will at least bring a glimmer of what you WANT more of in your life?!

So while writing this- I just had an "aha" moment! (Yes blogging helps you and me!)--

That's it- I am going to literally schedule "fun" into my daily calendar! Something I have never done! Now for me, "fun" is actually a new phenomenon. I wouldn't say that my friends think I'm "not fun"--but I do think my husband and kids would say I'm not so fun sometimes...Probably because husband and kids come with ahem--that dreaded word--responsibilities...Last week was great though--I followed my "fun" and dumped a huge bowl of cold water on my husband while he was in the shower! And then when my daughter was throwing a fit about homework-- I sat across from her and starting playing a clapping game! Both experiences were just SO fantastic that I really want to grow what I will call my "fun muscle"!

Another thing I've learned is that whatever it is that you are trying to bring more into in your life, really needs to come from a place of inspiration. Yes there is some thought involved--but the inspiration will be more from a gut/soul place and as I've mentioned in other blog posts- that is the place from where the action will really benefit you! So right now, take a moment to just sit (even if you feel you don't have the "time") and just say: "what do I need more of in my life?" And just listen for what comes up...And then follow that inspired thought!

Now- if you do decide to take that inspired action- your brain will probably start to fuss back and say what the title of this blog post says: "what will happen if you don't....?" Well I know, for myself, that 1)if I don't do such and such responsibility (within reason) the consequence won't be rectifiable (even if I feel like it won't!) and; 2) If I DO have MORE FUN the other stuff will be SO much easier to deal with! And that's the reason I chose the picture for this blog post--because that imagine captures what it feels like when I have FUN! What imagine comes to mind about the thing you want more of in your life?? Once you get it in your head--remember it! And that will your motivation to do whatever it is!

What about you, what do you want more of if you life? Do you need help getting some inspiration?? I would LOVE to help! E-mail me at

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