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  • Clara Mei

Fake it 'till you make it! ???

Mmmmm--why would anyone give this advice, no less take it yourself...Well, I mean I understand the meaning behind it. So ideally this is what happens when we start something new-and we're not sure we have the skills or the desire to "do it well"...But you know what? I believe it's the "being" not the "doing" that really gives you a sense of confidence, a sense of purpose... Sure, you do have to practice a skill before you really do know what you are "doing". But that effort and desire to do the "doing" really has to come from "knowing yourself." Once you know more about what your values are, what's important to you, once you've made the commitment to yourself--then the "doing" just comes! Here's the CATCH though: you gotta do the work to find out more about what makes you, you...And here's the other thing: figuring this out is not always an easy thing. BUT guess what? Working with a life coach, with ME, can really help you get that point where there is NO faking it! You find out who are, and who the world is waiting to see--and what you are waiting to FEEL! Let's MAKE it happen, together! E-mail me at

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