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  • Clara Mei

"Grow through what you go through..."

One of my favorite quotes of all time! It’s such a validating experience and gives value to a journey that often feels like there’s “nothing to show for it…”

I also love this image…It shows how growth, yes, a little cliché- but real- happens through the dirt- through the "mud" to bring in some Buddhism. It means that often the dirt and mud however yucky or uncomfortable it may feel when you are in it- is actually part of the process. It’s the part of our journey that we need to push through and live through in order for the parts of ourselves that are calling out, to be expressed!

I love how nature just reflects so much of what we go through in our lives. It gives me comfort. It makes me feel like, well if the plants and trees and everything green do it, well then it must be okay if I go through some mud too. Before I understood this—I used to shove away the tears- I used to push down the fears- I used to chase the comforts- and chase away the discomforts, I used to deny I needed help. But now, to me those “uncomfortable” things represent the mud and I can say to myself—oh right- “that’s just the mud”. I’ve gotten comfortable with the uncomfortable. Unfortunately it doesn't keep the mud away, but at least "feeling messy or dirty" is more familiar...

Do you need help finding some strategies that allow you to be okay with the mud? Send me an e-mail!

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