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How's the "goal setting" going???

I don’t know about you, but this year I haven’t really focused so much on it. And it feels really liberating! For once, I’m listening to my own inner voice saying, hold on- “this is the time for recuperating and reflecting; don’t worry, you’ll get there…” Anyone hearing this voice, and either too afraid to listen to it or ignoring it anyway?

A few years ago, I read this great Brene Brown something or other that made me realize that New Year’s resolutions were really about us not feeling like we are “enough”—that there was something to fix. And that resonated so deeply for me. I realized that, yeah, New Year’s somehow had been designated as the fixing month! And I suddenly felt so relieved to know I didn’t HAVE to make a resolution! But here’s the thing- my head learned that I didn’t have to make a resolution, but then it took years to really let my heart sink into the “okay-ness” of that. That really, and truly it was OKAY not to have a New Year’s resolution because I was enough the way I was on New Year’s as I was on December 15th. Since reading that Brene Brown something or other, I still struggled with the feeling and believing that I was enough, for several years.

What I realized before the holidays this year was that everything I was attempting to “fix” to make me feel like “if I only I could just…then I would be enough…” was really a call to heal something. What part of myself was I not accepting and why? I did a lot of work on this, and even had a “releasing ceremony” for myself, in which I decided I was not longer going to carry around limiting beliefs about myself and my life that were preventing me from reaching my potential. You- know just those little voices in your head, that tell you “right” from “wrong”? Well I got real with those voices that were unhelpful. I wrote them down. I reflected on where I got them from and because many of them came unknowingly from family patterns of thinking- I realized that I also needed to make a tribute to these beloved people too.

So, this “releasing ceremony” also became a type of healing ceremony for me too. And so it happened to be good timing for me, because going through this has allowed me to come into the New Year with a clarity I haven’t known before. It’s almost like this underlying distraction is gone- leaving me to just be myself. So that this January, when seeing allllll the social media posts about “resolutions” and “goals” and the newest one “word of the year” I just know that if and when I am feeling inspired or life calls me to do one thing or the other, I’ll be there. I’ll be able to show up just as me- healed from the “fix-it” mode of how “I’m supposed to be…”

What about you, is there something that you need to release or heal from? Are you not sure, but know there is something holding you back and you’re not quite sure what? And if you’re interested in knowing more about how I went about doing this ceremony for myself, send me an e-mail. I’d love to help you figure it out!

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