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  • Clara Mei

Kids are going back to school! ...Now what are you going to do??

Oh yes! You've been looking forward to this day, this week for...weeks now! All the responsibilities of entertaining, thinking of plans, making meals...all the schlepping of stuff and all things fun! And yes, it really is great to have the summer with our dear kiddos; and not having to worry about all things school- and you can just "chill-out"! YES! But then--the lack of headspace and time with our dears really does start to ware on us. And we just want to have our time, our space back again! So then the day comes after all the "back to school" prep, and then we find ourselves getting teared up and sad that they are leaving again...

The day my kids went back to school, I had mixed feelings too. I was relieved to have gotten through the summer and that I'd have my time back again. But I really did feel like yet another chapter with my children was now gone....

I dropped them at school, came through the door…And thought okay “now what?....” And because I’ve been through this a few times now, my son is in 6th grade (CRAZY) and my daughter is in 4th grade—I remembered that the first week when the kids go back to school is transition time for me. It’s a time to recover, get my sanity back, and take it slow…And that works for the first few days, the first week or so as I do get the house in some order again and get to some appointments I’ve been putting off.

But then I remembered those years, especially as a stay-at-home-mom, that I’d feel a sense of a lack of purpose that would just come over me like a heavy blanket. I was often faced with my own lack of a sense of self and a sense of purpose and it was hard to get through. My kids had a sense of purpose—they had school. My husband had a sense of purpose—he had his job. But where was mine?? And why had I gone to school, graduate school (no less) for all those years, just to be tasked with “keeping house” and “chauffeuring” and “erranding”?? Not to say that those responsibilities don’t have worth and value and they absolutely are what help keep the family together. But I often felt like there was “more I should do”. It was hard getting through that. And then the lack of purpose, started to affect my sense of self. I felt like I was more than just a “mom” and a “wife”—there’s more to “who I am” beyond those roles and the responsibilities they entail.

It was a hard time. I did lots of reading, reflecting, and asked for help to sort through what I was going through. And I found I was not alone. Many stay-at-home-moms go through this. Are you trying to sort through the fog you are feeling? Are you trying to get back to YOU? Are you feeling like not just that there is more you “should be” doing- but that you WANT to be doing? Are you unsure of what your passions or goals are?? Yup! Been there! And now I can help you! Please reach out-you won’t regret how great it feels to get back to you! The kids are back in school- and now’s the time. Why wait?! E-mail me!

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