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So what's in a name anyway?!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Well, for me, it’s always been important. For security reasons, I won’t list out my full- official name here- but I do have 4 given names and now that I’m married, I have 5 names! My middle name, Mei, is one of my middle names. And the other one is my mother’s maiden name. So my official name has in a way, been a reflection of all my selves. My birth name Clara Mei, then my mom’s family, my dad’s family, and now also my husband’s family! Phew! And when I’ve had to decide which names to use, I have almost felt like I’ve had to choose, because of course using all 5 names is just too much! And by the way, I decided for simplicity sake to just give my kids my husband’s, their dad’s name- so for now they only have 3 names!

So anyway, similar to the sentiment in keeping all my names—the original name of my business “Wholefully You” was also reflective of how we have to include “all” of ourselves when we want to figure out how best to move forward. When I talk to clients they might have one specific area of their life they are trying to change, but inevitably, the other parts of themselves, including their various responsibilities comes into the conversation. In addition, they might be having thought patterns, or emotional or spiritual distress that’s adding to the challenges. And so really, it’s important to acknowledge all of ourselves and all of our various aspects of potential when figuring life out. I really liked the name Wholefully You. It felt like it encompassed all of what I want my message in my business to be about.

But then in the new year, and having done that releasing ceremony I wrote about in my last blog post, I felt that in the spirit of being and doing “just me”…That the name of my business also had to reflect that. And, in the journey I take with my clients to uncover, discover, and become more themselves, I am in a sense asking them to step into their truth. And if I’m going to ask my clients to do that, I need to do that too. So changing my business name to Clara Mei Consulting is a way to honor its message and also myself.

Me deciding to change my business name also reminds me of how often in life, we are called to change something about the way we were doing things in order to step into our truth- or at least more of a truth than before. Sometimes this transition can be harder than other times, but if it’s a change that brings you closer to you, then it’s probably worth the discomfort you might be having, even if it doesn't "feel" good…

Is there something about yourself that you need to honor but you aren’t sure how? Send me an e-mail, I’d love to help you figure it out!

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