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  • Clara Mei

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn...but always meaning...

This is a sign I bought a few years ago because I loved how it reminded me that even when things don’t go the way I want or the way I planned, I can still feel like something “good” came of it…I mean “learning” isn’t always a “bad” thing, right?? (Insert- eyes, rolling…) Sigh…Even if learning is a good thing, it doesn’t always make it easy and it doesn’t still make us wish we didn’t “win”…Winning is more fun anyway! Learning takes work! Blech!

But---what if the “purpose” of whether we “win” or “learn” is to bring meaning to the experience, circumstance, conversation, event, or situation?? In that sense there is still winning in learning and learning in winning, right? So what if we approached life stuff—with a perspective of "what is the meaning of what I am feeling, experiencing, or going through?" What if, instead of being so focused on the outcome, we start to be more focused on process? And then we can bring meaning to ALL of it!

Easier said than done, though, right?! And don’t get me wrong, winning is definitely more fun. I mean seriously! And when things go our way, we might have more energy, feel more optimistic, have more patience, feel more empowered, or confident. Lots of positive stuff! But I gotta be honest folks, while we go through the “gunk” of the “just learning”—there is definitely also room for all that positive stuff too! It just may take a little more time sorting through, and pushing our brains to see things from a different perspective…If you’re feeling like you need some help seeing the “good” in “just learning”, reach out to me…I can help you find a perspective that gets you back to…more YOU!

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