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What are you waiting for?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

No, seriously- what are you waiting for?! What ONE thing is it that keeps coming up in the back of your mind that you are not: doing, getting to, spending time on, admitting to, getting help for, getting taken care of?

And why might that be? Is it because you're waiting for the perfect time of year? Or maybe for that "feeling" of: "yes, this is it!" Are you waiting to be a certain way--be thinner, smarter, more qualified, braver, calmer, prettier, or freer? Or what "be" would you add?

Or are you waiting to have a certain something? Maybe, you are waiting to have more time, more money, more love, more patience, more qualifications, more strength, or more faith? Or what "have" would you add?

...So what does this picture of a wall of leaves have to do with "waiting"? Well, first of all- yes the changing of seasons is always a great time to make life parallels, that's why I chose this picture...And the specific life parallel I will make to this picture is about "waiting". When I'm taking pictures of the colors of fall- especially fall leaves, I realize it's one time I don't "wait". I know I can't wait to snap that picture of the leaves, because most likely the next time I see them, they will have fallen on the ground. And then there would have gone my chance to capture the beauty. So in the moment when colorful leaves grabs the attention of my eyes--I don't hesitate to the take the shot! I take the picture even if it means the family has to wait for me (which means the husband and kids roll their eyes); I take the picture even if it means I have to stop the conversation I'm having (which means I have to pause the often connecting, juicy chat with a friend); I take the picture even if it means I have to stop walking or jogging (which means that my heart rate dips and "messes" with my "activity levels").

If you think about it, that's a lot of little inconveniences that come up- all in the name of getting that picture of fall leaves! How do I feel, though, when I take that picture? I'm glad you asked! Well, let's see, I feel happy, I feel grateful, I feel fun, I feel creative and I feel relieved to not have missed the chance before the leaves turn that blah color! So, really the "inconveniences" are not much compared to the feelings I have when taking the picture. Wouldn't you agree?

What I also realized though, is that everything is a practice--there really is no "perfect" moment or time of "being" or "having'" that makes it the "right" time to doing anything. When I'm feeling inspired to take the photo of leaves, for example--it's definitely not the right time according to my friends, my husband or kids, or my activity watch. But yet, I practice taking these pictures, because it's in the practice of doing what I'm inspired to do, that I feel most myself--even if it makes for some discomfort in other ways. When I feel most myself and I have those feelings of joy and fun that I listed above, then the "waiting" for the "right" whatever, suddenly doesn't hold as much meaning. When I'm not waiting for the being or the having and just engaged in the doing, I know the rest will find a way...

I have found this especially true when I've decided to act on something that is a true expression of myself or something that brings me to a new level of growth. In these moments I know my "waiting" for a better self-image, or more money, time, confidence, or more faith, are just distractions. I know that in the moment, if I am true to myself, the best thing to do is to make a step towards what I am inspired to DO... What would happen if you stopped letting your distractions keep you from doing and feeling more YOU?! E-mail me at and let's find out!

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