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What Toy Story 4 taught me....

The family and I went to see Toy Story 4 yesterday. 24 years ago when I saw the first one, who knew I would be seeing the 4th sequel with my husband and two children! So, similar to the first Toy Story, these "toys" continue to provide different "wisdoms" and "whims" depending on the viewer. And yes I was one of those people all teared up at the end when one friendship ended and one friendship was rekindled. I saw myself relating to the reality that friendships mean so much for a season in our lives, but then that need I have to let go and to move on in order to discover different parts of myself. Not easy, but I think the love and memories do continue and feed us even through the time and distance between connecting again...

Sigh...On another note- one of the things that became prominent in this sequel was Buzz Lightyear learning about "listening to his inner voice". Woody was explaining it to him, but he didn't quite get it, until Buzz had to make a decision and didn't know what to do. So he pushed on his red buttons and the voice came out clear as can be. Sometimes Buzz listened right away, and sometimes he kept pushing the button for another answer he liked better. One time, the "inner voice" kept telling him what to do but Buzz reallllllly didn't want to listen. After about 5 times of pushing the button and hearing the same thing he finally relinquished and followed the "instructions".

What if we had a red button just like Buzz?! Guess what? We do!!

1)Our inner voice is ALWAYS there! All we have to do is seek it out! When we don't know the answer or don't know which path to take--there is a voice inside of us that does "know"! I often hear people saying "I just wish I knew what to do." Or even "I just wish someone would tell me what to do." The reality is, that you already DO know what to- and someone is already telling you what to do--YOU!

2)We need to actually LISTEN to that inner voice! It's often telling us what to do-but we don't want to heed the advice and insight! The "inner voice" might be telling us to do something that we just don't want to, even though the results may just be what we're seeking. Or maybe the inner voice is telling us to do something that is just too hard. And in the movie we saw Buzz really struggle with exactly these issues. But, in the end listening to the voice of that red button lead him to the best decision!

Wouldn't it be great if we knew more about inner voice that is there waiting on us to seek it out? Are you struggling with either not being able to follow the directions your inner voice is telling you; or are struggling with being able to hear your inner voice at all?! Sometimes all it takes is just getting to the point where you can FIND and KNOW your inner voice- I can help you get there! E-mail me at wholefullyou@gmail and let's get your ears fine tuned and ready for your own inner voice!

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