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  • Clara Mei

Why don't more of us talk about the hard stuff?

So I went to a spouse/career symposium a little while back. Overall it was a useful, well-executed event. One aspect was a panel of 5 spouses that spoke about their journey’s to being “successful” in the current job. All of the spouses were well spoken and empowered. So here’s the thing I was wondering: “where’s the discussion about the hard parts of their journey???” And JUST as I was thinking that-the first question from the audience was “how did you get your confidence?” And I just felt like- “bingo”! It’s all great when you’ve been able to get to where you want to be—but the reality is that it just doesn’t fall in your lap and the period of time when there is struggle is so important to moving forward! So many of us have “stuff” about just reaching out for help! I know for me when my kids were small, we had just moved far away from family and couldn’t get my grounding—it was a friend that said “gee that sounds like a lot, maybe you should see a counselor…”

My first response was very reactive and it took me a few months to actually make a phone call- but boy was it worthwhile! It really helped me feel grounded again. And then most recently when we moved here and I was thinking about the movers coming and being completely overwhelmed (seems like no matter how many times we move the process is still pretty crazy.) And around this time I was also thinking about how I could start going back to work with the kids being older and in school all day. So I got in touch with a Life Coach and again it made all the difference in not feeling so frustrated with organizing our house AGAIN- while at the same time putting together a plan for ME! So while I wish that the spouses I saw last week explain more of their struggle--I thought I should explain a little of mine. Truly reaching out is the BEST thing I ever did and I hope I can be the person you want to reach out to

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